Breeder Registration for the 2018-2019 season is due on Monday, October 8, 2018.  We are now offering Online Registration and highly encourage our members to take advantage of this convenience.  For those who truly love to lick stamps, the paper application is still available on our "Member Central" page.  

117 Registered COBA Breeders for 2018

Show pig buyers look in: we have 117 Certified Oklahoma Bred Association (COBA) Breeder members for OYE 2018!

If you are looking for show pigs this fall, we highly recommend purchasing from a COBA Breeder.

They have invested back into Oklahoma Youth. The benefits at OYE will be SUBSTANTIAL! Click on Breeder Directory for a list of COBA Breeders and contact info.


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Become a Member, Support Oklahoma Exhibitors

As a breeder/member of the COBA, every cent you put into the association is given back to the kids and families who are buying show pigs IN OKLAHOMA.

Put a premium on your next pig crop and become a member today! Memberships must be postmarked by Friday, October 13th.

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Grassroots Organization Providing Substantial Premiums

The COBA is a grassroots organization built and ran by Oklahoma show pig breeders.

The purpose of the Certified Oklahoma Bred Association is to provide incentive and recognition to Oklahoma junior swine exhibitors, while promoting Oklahoma raised show pigs. Our goal is to enhance the show pig experience for Oklahoma youth while adding value to Oklahoma breeders' pig crops.

We plan to do this by adding substantial premiums to the exhibitor showing the highest placing "Certified" Oklahoma bred hog in every class shown at OYE. We will pay premiums on barrow and gilt classes at OYE.

For the exhibitor to receive their money, the pig must come from a registered breeder/member of the COBA! The exhibitor and breeder of all COBA class champions will receive a hat, as well. Breeder awards will also be given out to recognize the top breeders in every breed and overall.

We cannot do this without your involvement or membership, though. All applications and litter sheets must be postmarked by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13th. Please let us know if you have any questions or need help obtaining membership documents.

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Applications Available at Tulsa State Fair

Many of the COBA board members will be in attendance at the Tulsa State Fair this week. Please let us know if you have any questions about the COBA or need help with applications.

Applications and rules packets will be available to pick up at the Supreme Trailer booth in the pig barn. We look forward to seeing everyone in T town!

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Membership Applications Due October 13

New memberships are coming in everyday! Please don't forget to get your membership application, litter sheets, and dues sent in by October 13.

If you need help obtaining these documents Facebook message us, email certifiedokbred@gmail.com or contact a board member, today!

Oklahoma show pig breeders, reward your customers, don't leave them out! #oklabred

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Reward Your Customers

It's time to get those memberships in!

Reward your customers and be apart of something BIG. The COBA will put a spotlight on and add incentive to kids showing Oklahoma bred show pigs at the Oklahoma Youth Expo!

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The Wait Is Over . . .

Oklahoma show pig breeders and exhibitors, are you ready for an organization to serve you and provide added opportunity and incentive to breed and exhibit show pigs here in Oklahoma? Big things are happening in the COBA! We had our first board meeting today, and we are about ready to roll this program out. 

We are looking to provide at least $30,000 in premiums to Oklahoma Bred class winning BARROWS and GILTS at OYE 2018, with the possibility of money added to the top end, as well. An Oklahoma Bred class winner is the highest placing pig in that class that is bred in Oklahoma. All pigs that are FARROWED IN OKLAHOMA from July-September that come from a registered COBA breeder will be eligible for the added premiums at OYE 2018.

We look to publish our 2017-2018 COBA rules, membership applications, and fee structure later in the week. For more information, please feel free to contact one of our board members. 

Kyle Hicks - Executive Committee/Board Member
Nick Hofschulte - Executive Committee/Board Member
Tyler Richey - Executive Committee/Board Member
Danna Goss - NW District Rep/Board Member
Gary Todd - NE District Rep/Board Member
Evan Green - Central District Rep/Board Member
Mark Cox Jr - SE District Rep/Board Member
Brock Herren- SW District Rep/Board Member
Samantha Winter - At-Large Rep/Board Member

Stacy Pearce