OYE Nominations Due
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OYE Nominations Due

OYE Nominations are due December 8, 2018.

The COBA will be paying an additional $300 to the highest placing COBA pig in EVERY class (barrows and gilts) at OYE 2019.

To receive additional class premiums at the 2019 Oklahoma Youth Expo (OYE), ALL COBA-eligible pigs must be indicated on OYE nominations as COBA-certified, along with your animal's unique COBA registration number. 

Your pig's "OK Bred #" (COBA registration number) is eight digits – a unique combination that is given to every pig in the COBA registry system. Contact your breeder to obtain the number, or you can simply derive your pig's OK Bred Number using the following system:

  • The first three digits of your pig's OK Bred number is your breeder's COBA number. Please refer to the breeder directory to obtain the breeder number. 
  • The next three digits are the pig's litter notch
  • The final two numbers are the pig's individual notch


  • Your pig came from breeder number 011 and its notch is 4-3. Your pig's OK Bred # is: 01100403
  • Your pig came from breeder number 113 and its notch is 33-10. Your pig's OK Bred # is: 11303310.
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